Covault- Senior Technical Analyst- August 17th, 2017

As the age of technology progresses, new found holes in small business epicenters are taken advantage of at a higher rate than ever. Not every framework of a business is perfect, but every small business can maintain the ability of comfort with outsourced service provider built to defend any threat.

What Needs to be Implemented Within Our Community.

Encryption can help your businesses securely store data so that in the event of a breach, the data you utilize is useless to your attacker. However, a variety of attack vectors can be used to help criminals access your data potentially.

For example, fake customer information can be manipulated by using malware attacks to compromise employee devices through email, with this ability attackers can encrypt and hold your business hostage. Preventing these data breaches and potential data loss is therefore detrimental and absolutely vital you have a back-up plan.

How We Can Have a Leg Up

With our forensic services firm, we have had the ability to use a proven system we have created to retrieve your seized data. Affected data could include names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, employment information, health insurance data and healthcare information. Our team analyzes every facet of your affected business/personal work space 24/7, to ensure that data retrieval is as timely as possible.

Why trust us?

After a data breach, the worst could be the loss of trust and comfort in your vital I.T technicians. Data security is absolutely essential.  Is it easy?  No, not if you try to fix it yourself.  But who can you trust?  Trusting the wrong person can put you in a more expensive spot then you were before.

Covault is proud that our clients have been trusting us to keep their information and technology safe since early 90’s. When putting your trust in Covault you will have the confidence knowing you are employing the services of a company experienced in data protection, and maintaining your systems at peak efficiency.  

Covault has designed and implemented the appropriate safeguards you need, with the comfort that any issues can be managed within minutes due to our 24/7 services.  Our ongoing proactive and preventive products will keep these safeguards sustained, and maintain the ability to be adjusted when necessary to deal with new challenges.