Let Us Automate Your Bookkeeping

At Covault, we want you to think of us more than just your accountant. We want to be your business partner and look at us as an extension of your management team that is here to answer any financial or operational questions you may have.

  • Your Remote Accounting Department

  • Operations Management Advisors

  • Remote Administration Support

Your dedicated team of accountants and CPAs not only prepare the financial statements of your company at the end of each month, they also complete year-end financial statements needed to file company taxes.

We employ finance professionals who are experts in accounting and tax compliance. Coupled with industry expertise, let our team take your company to the next level.

Bookkeeping is the last thing you want to worry about. With Covault, you can rest assured knowing your books are always kept current by a team of accountants and CPAs. Our secure cloud provides instant access to all of your financials.

Having a team of accountants and CPAs assigned to your account ensures your books will be maintained by subject matter experts with industry experience. Financial statements that are accurate and complete are guaranteed.

Never worry about your company taxes again. Our team of CPAs can either complete and file the necessary returns, or we can work directly with your CPA to ensure they have everything needed well before filing deadlines.

We proudly offer the following bookkeeping packages
to meet the needs of your business.


From $149 monthly
  • Monthly Accounting


From $189 monthly
  • Weekly Accounting


From $279 monthly
  • Daily Accounting

In addition to bookkeeping
we also provide the following services:

Customer Accounts Receivable

  • After recieving supporting documentation, customer invoices are drafted and sent according to your schedule. Customer past due statements are also issued monthly

Vendor Accounts Payable

  • After receiving your written appoval of vendors to be paid, vendor invoices are paid and checks are sent to you for execution along with preaddressed stamped envelopes

New Business Formation

$349+ State Fees
  • We will prepare all of the documents required to form a new company, including: Articles of Incorporation, EIN (Tax ID Number), Form 2553, Federal/State Tax Registrations


Get peace of mind with bank-level security for your small business. Your sensitive information is protected using encryption and multiple layers of authentication. Plus, we will never share your information without your permission.

Frequently Asked Bookkeeping Questions

We offer a simple 3 step bookkeeping process

  1. You send the information
    You send your bank statements, credit card statements, receipts, invoices etc. to us. You can send them securely via Drop box or Google drive. Alternatively, you can also mail your documents to us.
  2. We prepare your books
    We will enter your income, expenses and categorize them. We will reconcile your bank/credit card statement. We will also manage all other bookkeeping tasks specific to your company.
  3. You (or your CPA) receive final reports
    You will receive your monthly or quarterly accounts, year-end accounts, profit & loss statement, balance sheet and other financial reports specific to your company. Your books are now tax ready.
Certainly we can arrange that. Just let us know what reports you want and when you want it each month. We will generate and send these reports to you every month.

Yes, absolutely. Just give us permission to remotely connect to your PC. We will login at a convenient time for you and complete your bookkeeping directly on your PC.

We primarily use QuickBooks Online and Xero online accounting software systems for most of our clients. We also use desktop versions of QuickBooks. Our bookkeepers are familiar with several other accounting software packages including Peachtree, Sage, Yardi, Rent manager and many more. If you have any specific software requirements, contact us.

Yes we can handle them for you. Our bookkeepers can also handle your invoicing, credit control and other administrative task on your behalf. Just choose our hourly price option.

We work on a 30 day cancellation policy. We want to give the flexibility to our clients and do not believe in long term tie-in contracts. You can cancel our service anytime during the contract through an email or phone call with a 30 day notice. It is simple and easy.

We are a team of experienced CPAs and MBAs with solid work ethic, proactive attitudes and strong client focus. Our customer care team works round the clock to serve your needs. We will always give that little bit extra personal care to put a smile on your face. We are confident that your expectations will be exceeded when using our bookkeeping service.

Absolutely. We work with 100’s of small businesses and start-up companies across the USA and Canada. We have clients in Tampa, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Vancouver, Toronto and several other cities. Where ever you are located, we are happy to work with you too.

Yes. We are happy to cover for your bookkeeper on a temporary basis and keep your books neat and tidy until your bookkeeper comes back. Our agreement with you is just a 30 day cancellation notice. You can use our service on a temporary basis and leave anytime with a 30 day notice.

Our clients include professional service firms, online retailers, manufacturers, estate agents, wholesalers, distributors and small mom and pop shops. We are accustomed to managing bookkeeping for most types of businesses. So definitely we can manage yours too and we are more than happy to customize our bookkeeping service to suit your business requirement.

Yes, absolutely. We are a team of CPAs that are fully aware of what your CPA needs and by what date. We will be happy to co-ordinate with your CPA and provide all of the information he/she may need.
We have implemented very detailed and elaborate measures for your data protection, privacy and confidentiality. All our systems and servers are protected by bank level systems and firewalls. Our fool proof measures ensure 100% data security.
Yes. Whether you purchase an annual or monthly subscription, we can add any catch up you need on top of that.